Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yes, I Do Love Purses

You see that little purple purse over there in the corner, don't you? Well, look over there and see. It just happened to be the only picture available. Well, at least where I was looking-that I could choose from- since I didn't have a picture of my own to post. And probably wouldn't know HOW to post it if I did!! We won't dig deep into the fact of how computer illiterate that I really am right now. That's another topic all together for this wanna-be "blogger" at an all together other time. But, I digress, back to the little purple purse. It's no coincidence, at least not in my mind that it should appear there. Let me explain. You see, just a few days ago , my Best Friend of 51 years, yes, that's what I really said, 51 years, just happened to give me a beautiful purple purse for my birthday. It is a beautiful purse, one that will go with numerous things in my wardrobe--I LOVE PURSES! But the purse is of no great consequential matter in and of itself. But now, my dear friend, the one that gave me that little purple purse, she is of great consequential matter. We have been friends for a great long while, and she is one of the most wonderful human beings on the face of the earth. It is unbelievable what this lady does for the ones around her. She is the consumate example of the Proverbs 31 woman. She is a devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. She runs the office where she works with the utmost of organizational skills, as well as her own home. The list goes on and on. She has this most amazing "card ministry" --if you're down, count on it, you're in luck when you go to your mailbox. She's brought a smile to my face on countless occasions. She tirelessly works at her church in all capacities. There's just too much to mention here, she is totally selfless-it is always someone else's needs being met by HER. Coincidence that my best BUD gave me a purple purse and then I come here and find a little purple purse to post on my blog? No way--it gave me this opportunity to let the world know about this amazing lady and friend that I have been blessed by the Lord to have in my life for these past 51 years. Yes, that really is 51 years. She is simply the best and she has great taste. I thank the Lord for bringing her into my life. You did see that little purple purse over there in the corner, didn't you? Coincidence? No, not at all. Until we meet again...

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