Monday, October 5, 2009

The President, Barbara Bush, Dr. Bob III, and Amy Wood

President and Mrs. George Bush were coming to  the Greenville-Spartanburg  International Airport and nothing could keep me from trying to get there. That is, nothing unless it was my Heavenly Father's will for me not to get there. But, I had faith, much faith. Determined to shake his hand? You bet I was. Would it happen? Could we possibly get close enough to even see him, much less shake hands with the President. I really wanted to shake Mrs. Barbara Bush's hand. She had captivated me with her sweet down to earth spirit. Baking cookies in the White House--what was there not to like about the woman? To me, the Bushes were the epitome of graciousness. We got to the airport early--Really early. We had the entire green area practically to ourselves for what seemed like forever. We had truly meant to be on the front line. I was fighting cancer at the time and it was important to those who loved me to get me there to fulfil this dream of mine. We waited and waited. And then, without warning, the place filled up with what seemed like millions of people. Now, it was more like thousands, but people were everywhere!! And then came the big moment--Air Force I was in sight. Ah, there it came, taxing down the runway--gleaming, shining, sparkling in the sunlight like a brilliantly cut diamond. It was BEAUTIFUL! Loving all planes, it was worth the trip just to see this magnificent flying metal machine. And, then came the magical moment, one that had been twinged with high anticipation for me--they stepped out into full view--President and Mrs.Bush!! What a moment. And then, they started toward the eager crowd. The crowd that was so eager to do the same thing I was there for-- getting a closer look at the President of the United Stated of America and to shake his hand. But much to my utter dismay, by this time, the green was filled with out-stretched hands. I found myself lost in the swirl of people and standing 4 lines back from THEM. Them--that nothing was going to keep me from seeing. Mrs. Bush and I were both just too short for it to happen. I couldn't reach her because of the gulf of people between us. I was more than a little disappointed. President Bush made a quick speech and told us that he was glad to be there in S.C. and to see everyone. BUT, all was not lost--lo and behold, we ran into AMY WOOD from Channel 7 News. She stopped, talked with us, even gave me her microphone, saying that I could say a few words. I was too shy for that, THEN. If only it were now--I'd have more than a few words to say!! Amy, too, was so gracious. She allowed me to have a picture taken with her. Needless to say, that made my day for sure. And would you believe that we saw Dr. Bob Jones III, there that day also! He is definitely one of my heroes--at the top of the list, actually. What an all around wonderful day that was for someone so sick, battling cancer!! It was surely a day to remember. I'll never forget that day and it was made special by so many wonderful people. And unless the Lord didn't want me there, we were going to do everything humanly possible to get there and shake the President's hand. Anything is possible if you put your faith in the LORD. You know, I'm very thankful that President Bush is so gracious and so TALL. For he made every effort to shake as many hands as he could that day. Being so tall, he leaned right over into the crowd and grabbed my hand. Could it be true? Yes, I found myself shaking the hand of the President of the United States of America!! Until We Meet Again...

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