Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh No! Malignant Melanoma!

Aunt Evelyn and My Daughter!

It was July, 1991. It was extremely hot. I was extremely ill. My Aunt Evelyn had just passed away herself after a fierce and courageous battle with cancer. The family was all gathered at Marlane's house. Marlane is my cousin. Her Mother was gone and Marlane was ministering to me--I was sick, so very sick. I will never forget the kindness of my cousin. She went into her home and brought me a cool, wet bath cloth to cool me down. It was hot! I was sick! We were sitting on her nice wrap-around porch. The mole on my upper right arm had started to grow. I had to get to the doctor--the whole family urged me to do so. Two weeks after Aunt Evelyn's funeral, we got the news. Malignant Melanoma! Our whole world was turned upside down. There was the dermatologist, the diagnosis, the surgery, the oncologist, Duke Medical Center,treatments, bloodwork, tests-- tests--and more tests!!! Oh no, my daughter is only 12 years old. Lord, please let me rear this child, if it be THY will! Now, here it is 2009, and PRAISE the LORD, He saw fit to spare me these years. MY daughter is now 30 and I've lived to see my grand baby, who is 4. It's still off to the oncologist every 3 months, and to the dermatologist every 6 months, and bloodwork and tests, tests, and more tests at times. But even though that mole was deep, huge and very ugly, the Lord has allowed me to survive. And He certainly gets all the glory for that!! Yes, July 19th, marked my 18th year anniversary of survival and I didn't even notice the heat. Until We Meet Again...

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