Saturday, October 31, 2009

That Eye Right There

You've heard me mention my family on many, many occasions--all of my family is important.  My immediate family, my extended family, and then there is my church family--all of these people are very important to me. They All have a very special place in my heart.  But just look at that set of Great-Grandparents (and that Gan-Gan) for a moment and those tremendous smiles on those sweet grandparent-ly faces.  Do they ever take their role seriously-- the Great-Grandparent role.  Hence, the smiles on those faces.  They love that little girl in the photo.   But, then so do I.  She's my grandbaby--the apple of this Gan-Gan's eye.  And do they ever love the little girl's Mommy.  So do I.  She's my daughter.  Wait.  Apple of my eye-- all of a sudden, I was just reminded of something G-Baby said when she was here during the time this picture was made. It would have been just a few weeks until her 3rd birthday. Gan-Gan was telling G-Baby that she was the apple of  Gan-Gan's eye. With a very intense and sincere inquisition, she got right up to my face and pointed her little finger right at the center of  my eye and proceeded to ask, " That eye right there?".  Of course, being the all adoring Ganny that I am,  I thought that it was "angelic".  Now, tell the truth, You just did too!!  Well, she does come up with some of the cutest things--but all grandmothers think that universal way, don't they?  I'm not out of the ordinary, no not at all.  Now, back to "family".  More specifically, that set of doting Great-Grandparents in the photo.  My parents.  It's their fault.  It is just what we saw growing up--my grandparents loved their children, and the grandchildren and the great grandchildren.  You get the picture. My folks are just like their folks.  It's been passed down from generation to generation.  There was never a doubt how our parents felt about us and our children and now our children's children.  Whoa, that's a paperful!!  But it's just the truth. My daughter is my parents' 1st grandchild and they tried to get away with keeping her at their home every possible moment. Isn't that called kidnapping?  Remind me to check in to that!  They did try to, no matter what they say.  They loved her. Still do. They love ALL their grandkids, but she was the first and we lived only a couple of miles from them.  So, they were close.  Still are. They are overjoyed with the blessings of the 2 great-grandbabies. My sister has her own grand baby now.   Thank the Lord for phones!  How they love to talk on the phone to G-Baby.  It brings such smiles to their faces. Just like the big smiles in that photo.  Yes, family is all  important to me.  Each person has a special place in my heart.  And G-Baby, you are the apple of your Gan-Gan's eye.  That eye right there!!  Until We Meet Again...

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