Friday, October 23, 2009

Look at that Little Face

Now, just look at that little girl's face on that old photo.  She obviously was in a sheer state of ecstasy sitting upon the back of that beauty of a pony.  She looks as though she adores the pony as a precious pet that has a very special place in her heart.  In reality, it was a photographer that would go around making pictures of children sitting on his pony. But it didn't matter to the child in the photo ~ horses were everything to her, even though she never got the opportunity to be around them.  That's the reason for the sheer look of delight upon her little face ~ she was probably daydreaming for that one brief few moments that the beautiful black pony was hers. It had been told that she loved horses from the time that she was about a year old.  So, yes, she was in total ecstasy sitting on the back of that small pony.  How would I know about the joy the child was feeling?  Because, the little face in the old photo that was so enthralled with the black pony ~ belongs to ME!  Until We Meet Again...

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