Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back ~ 2009

All in all, it has been a pretty good year for us.  Well, all except for Mom having that dreaded HINI flu. She really had it rough there for a while.  We'll just have to stay away from pigs, I guess.  Seriously, it HAS been a year filled with many blessings for which I am indeed thankful to my Heavenly Father.  December was unusually filled with many sweet and unexpected blessings.  Actually, the blessings started around Thanksgiving as I have already mentioned in another post.  Thanksgiving was wonderful, I spent it with my Folks at The Golden Corral at my Mom's urging.  Hey, she paid my way, so what can I say? ~ but 'thank-you', Mom.  We went back to their house for the rest of the day. Then for Monday, I cooked the "bird" and all the trimmings.  Mom and Dad came over to my house and ate with me, and then came back 2 more times for leftovers and sweet fellowship.  After thanking the Lord for His goodness to us and acknowledging what Christmas is all about, ~ one of the nights that they were here, I threw the switch to the lights on my tree.  The blessings just kept pouring in throughout the next days.  I went to the church on the 1st Monday of December to help a dear friend put up the decorations in the auditorium and she took me and another precious young lady that helped, to the Cracker Barrel ~ oh joy ~ was that good!  Then, my first cousins had a "Cousin Reunion" on one of the cousins' beautiful houseboat.  Was that fun or what?   Nine cousins showed up and it had been a while since some of us had seen each other.  It was great to catch up. My family is precious.  And that boat was gorgeous ~ what an experience for me!  The blessings just continued on.  Another precious lady at church sent me a message and asked  if I would like a ticket to see the Christmas Spectacular at the Community Theater where she would be performing.  She gave me the ticket-- "her pleasure"-- I believe was the way that she put it.  She sings like an angel and I was more than a little excited to get to attend the Spectacular.  Another blessing~I got to attend that Program with 2 other precious ladies at the church that I love, as well as one of my Sunday School kids!!!  The Lord just kept pouring out His wonderful bounty of blessings to me as the month went on.  My Mom and I went out ~ I took her shopping and she treated me to my favorite place-Chick-Fil-A.  Couldn't beat that--good food and time with my Mom!  Of course, we took my Dad something to eat ~ didn't leave him out.  We then had our Christmas Cantata at our church on Sunday AM and then that PM, we had our Christmas Banquet.  After eating a delicious meal, Pastor preached a powerful message from the Word of God.   Now, we had some fun with a gift-giving game that was TOO funny!  How I love my precious Church Family!  I took my little Sunday School class out for lunch after church the Sunday before Christmas, and what fun we all had.  My Mom went along to help me chaperone.  We really had a blast with the precious children that the Lord has placed in my hands the responsibility of teaching HIS WORD to.  What a joy and blessing that is all  by itself.  How I praise His name for entrusting me with that awesome duty!  That is one of the biggest blessings of every week~ to teach the Bible to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders~that's JOY to my soul. Christmas Eve came ~ My beautiful daughter and grand baby called me ~ sheer JOY again. I was blessed  throughout the day and night with 3 sets of neighbors stopping by to wish me Merry Christmas and to drop off a small gift, a token of Good Will!  How wonderfully precious!   My Mom and Dad came over to celebrate with me.  We had a wonderful time ~ they enjoyed themselves as well as I.  My SISTER called during the evening and talked to all of us!  All is very well, Peace on Earth!   Of course, the tradition goes on ~ every Christmas Eve, I call my one and only "grown" daughter around 11PM.  Without saying a word, I rang the bells into the phone, just as we did all the years of her growing up ~only then she was tucked away in her bed, and the bells were rang either outside her window or somewhere in the house!!  Come on, she is only 30 with a child of her own~my GRAND BABY~blessing is all I have to say there.   Well, my daughter will always be my BABY and the bells will always ring as long as I'm able.  Christmas Day finally arrives ~ my daughter called me again ~ several times, to be exact.  A dear elderly Christian friend calls, one who is suffering from cancer that has unfortunately spread ~ but what a blessing she is!!  My best friend of almost 52 years calls and we talk for a long time.  Several others call.   Mom and Dad came back over for more food, fellowship and fun.   What a wonderful Day. Our Saviour's Birthday.  What a wonderful month.  Oh, wait.  Yesterday, my sister and brother-in-law came down with 3 of my 4 precious neices as well as my 1year old Great-Neice!  We celebrate again ~ going to Golden Corral ( Surprise ~ Dad has slipped me the money to pay for my meal!!) and then back to our Folks' for a sweet time of fellowship and gift-giving.  Oh, heavy heart, they have to leave to travel back home before the weather gets bad AND one neice didn't get to come and my oldest neice had to come without her husband.  But, no complaining here, my heart is overflowing with all the blessings that the Lord has so graciously and bountifully poured out on this most undeserving speck of dust.  His goodness and mercy are everlasting.  This is only the highlights of the many blessings that I have been the recipient of this month ~ there are too many to mention here.  The most wonderful blessing of all, this SEASON and all SEASONS, is HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT that He has so graciously given to all that will ask and accept.  That GIFT is the gift of SALVATION  provided by the most lovely and precious Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this free gift You gave to me so freely some 45+ seasons ago.  Help us, Dear Lord,  if Thou dost tarry, to use this New Year to tell as many  people as possible about the precious Gift of Salvation, so that they, too, can experience THY Sweet Hand of bountiful blessings.  Happy New Year.    Until We Meet Again...

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