Friday, December 25, 2009

The Unspeakable Gift

This is December and it's a time of gift-giving.  Some people are rich and are able to give big expensive gifts.  Some of us are not so rich and the gifts we give are small -something inexpensive ~ maybe a homemade gift or just a card with "I love you" written on it.  BUT, it's a gift ~ those gifts come from the heart.  IICorinthians 9:15 says:  "Thanks be to God for His Unspeakable Gift."  Our Lord gave us the most precious Gift that we could ever receive.  It cost the Lord everything to give us this Gift. Just imagine with me for a moment.  The Lord and His Son, Jesus, strolling down one of the beautiful streets of gold in Heaven.  Perhaps, Jesus said, "Listen, Father, to the music of the angels' choir, isn't it beautiful?"  The Lord might have said, "Yes, Son, it is beautiful."  They stroll on down a path of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers.  The Lord says, "Come over here, Son."  Jesus says, "Yes? Father."  "It's time, Son. It's time for You to go to Earth to be born in a lowly manger."  Jesus doesn't question, whine, or say: " No, I don't want to."  He knows it is the will of the Father and He obediently nods His head, yes.  He knows it is time to go-to leave Heaven and all its beauty and His Heavenly Father.  But He knows that God is giving the world the most wonderful present ever given.  Jesus will be born to a lovely young virgin, but in a few years He will die, giving the world the Unspeakable Gift.  Jesus is the Unspeakable Gift.  Oh, the angels REJOICE.  For all the beauty of Heaven, the flowers, the sweet music, the streets of gold cannot compare to the beauty of Jesus. The angels know that Jesus is the SHINING LIGHT and the TRUE BEAUTY of Heaven.  They know that He is leaving them for a while, but they rejoice knowing  that He is going to be the SAVIOUR of the entire world.  Yes, He was born in Bethlehem as a Baby in a manger.  But, when He was about 33 years old, He agonizingly suffered, bled and died on the Cross to give us this Unspeakable Gift--the Gift of Salvation.  That is the real Gift of Christmas.  Mr. Vine, in his expository dictionary, suggested that unspeakable means "WORDS TOO SACRED TO BE UTTERED."    Uttered means to: speak aloud; hard of interpertation; too hard for us to understand.  It is hard for us to understand that God would give us such a GIFT.  BUT, He did--for ALL to receive.  Have you received this free, wonderful UNSPEAKABLE GIFT of grace through faith?  It is yours for the asking.  Merry Christmas.   Until We Meet Again...

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