Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Ahead ~ 2010

To everyone ~ a Happy New Year ~ may 2010 be a time of new beginnings.  My prayer for those that know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour is that they will be mightily blessed by His bountiful hand.  Most of all, I pray that those who do not yet know the Saviour personally will receive HIM soon, very soon.  My heart is heavy for those that are lost and that would split hell wide open if they should die without HIM.  May this be the year that you secure your place in Heaven by admitting your sin, calling on the name of our Glorious Saviour, and accepting Him into your heart.  He is waiting for YOU with wide open arms to impart His grace and mercy, that none of us deserve.  But, the Saviour is so willing to extend His grace to all that would ask.  O Precious Saviour that Thou Art ~ How Wonderful is Thy Name.  May this be a new beginning for you, dear reader, dear loved one!  2010 could truly be a Happy New Year!  Until We Meet Again...

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