Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look at Her, She's So Cute

Today is the day that I should probably be taking my little Pomeranian pup to be, well, you know, "put down", as they call it. She's just not doing that great these days. She's not exactly what you'd call a PUP. She turned 13 years old on the 13th of September. Now, that has always been my lucky number, but probably not for little CoCo. (I named her CoCo Chanel after the designer of my favorite perfume.) Yes, CoCo turned 13 and this will more than likely be the last birthday that she gets to celebrate. She has been the most docile, well-mannered, precious dog ever until these last few weeks. She has taken to barking like a PROVERBIAL MAD DOG every time my phone rings and I start talking to someone--I do like to talk on the phone to my family and Buds. I know that she's not well, but come on--what's up with this insane constant barking? She's always been used to claiming my queen size bed as her own private retreat, but not now, being sickly and all. So that gives her something else to gripe about. Around 4 or 5 in the AM she starts up again with that insane yapping. No kidding, she sounds like a St. Bernard, especially at that time of the morning. Yapping loud enough to wake the dead, or least some pretty irate neighbors whom I'm afraid just might not love her as much as "Momma" does. They might just decide to call the law to this tiny little 5lb. fur ball belting it out like Aretha Franklin at OBAMA's inauguration! Decisions, decisions. She's been my faithful companion for 10 years now. The Lord let the little dog come into my life during a really rough patch in the road, so to speak, and she means a lot to me. She has really been a FAITHFUL companion. My grand baby, who's 4, will ask to "speak" to CoCo over the phone. So, Gan-Gan puts the phone to a very patient and obliging little pup. The grand baby will ask me "What is CoCo wearing?" Yes, that spoiled little thing has all those cute doggie outfits to wear--that's not Her idea--that's to appease my whims and notions. Ah, look at her, so cute, so docile, so patient. Maybe I'll wait and put it off till the 13th of next month. OH, NO! There goes that telephone!! Until We Meet Again...

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