Thursday, September 17, 2009

2nd Little Apple of My Eye

Let me introduce you to the 2nd little apple of my eye: my beautiful little Grand Baby, affectionately referred to as the G-Baby! This Gan-Gan got to be there for her birth, (she lives in another state, ) so it makes my bond with her ever the more special. She started to preschool this week amidst a varying mix of emotions. We're glad that she will be out meeting and making friends and starting her own little menagerie of peers. She is quite outgoing to have been an only child living in an almost exclusive adult environment and will probably be the ring leader in a vast social circle before long. But, on the completely opposite end of the spectrum--we don't won't our little darling growing up too fast. Don't they already grow up too quickly in this day and age? She adores her Mommy (and Daddy, too) but she is a MOMMY'S girl. Because of that, my daughter has been quite amazed at how Little Miss Independent that G-Baby has been in just these 3 days. She can't say that I didn't try to warn her of what was to be. One minute they're all sweet and cuddly in your lap-- where does the time go?!--begging for your attention and then the next it's: "I can do this myself, Mommy". While G-Baby has aways been HIGHLY motivated and never failed to make a friend on the playground , she's aways been very clingy to her Mother in some ways. So it has found my daughter taken aback quite a bit for this very self-reliant attitude to be emerging forth from her little girl. All I can say is that she'd better have that camera ready, but this my daughter knows well, for she is an avid Scrapbooker. She will capture every awe-inspiring moment for sure. Yes, I warned her. It's true, because wasn't it only yesterday that I was running after the camera while hearing my own little 4 year old saying, "I can do that for myself, Mommy"? Until We Meet Again...
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