Monday, September 14, 2009

Did You Say 'SWINE' Flu?

Anxiously I wait for the phone to ring with news of what the doctor has told Mom.
She'd been sick for about a week at the time and has finally found the strength to get dressed to go to the doctor. Dad had been sick first and his doc said that he was getting a mighty early start on the season. He put Dad on the Z-Pack and told Dad to take it easy. Finally, the phone rings and it's Mom on the other end. "What did the doctor say?"  My heart seems to stop as she says in my ear, "He says I have the 'Swine Flu'."  I could not believe what I'd heard. "Did you say 'Swine'?,"  I managed to ask her.   How in the world did she get that pig stuff anyway?  Where had we been for to contract it?  Dad hadn't been diagnosed with it, even though he had been very sick! Well, after all this I got my flu shot on Tuesday. But in no way, shape, form, or fashion (oh-I love FASHION-but that's not what's important here) will I take the H1-N1 shot, regardless of who's been sick with it. Without getting too political on my maiden blog-age, let it suffice to say that I don't trust it.  Mom has been sick now going into her 3rd week and it's been hard on everyone. Dad had been sick the 2 weeks prior and they won't let me come to their house for fear that I will come down with the dreaded plague. It's been physically hard on their bodies, understandably so. Sickness takes its toll. But it's been hard on me, too. We are very close and I miss them. Has one pondering how short time really is. This prompts me to take inventory of the little kindnesses that I can take time to do for others that are SO dear and even for strangers that maybe aren't--YET!  Kindnesses like writing a card, yes, with my hand and a pen. Those little things that mean so much. Oh yes, my Mom has the dreaded 'Swine' flu and I need to go pick out that card. Until We Meet Again...

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