Thursday, September 17, 2009

The 1st Apple of My Eye With the Little Apple

Here she is --My Beautiful Daughter--'Pun'kin', or 'The Baby', as we always called her. She is the original Apple of my Eye. She is a wife, Mother, daughter, granddaugther, neice,beloved cousin, artist, scrapbooker, gourmet cook, "and a you should hear her play" pianist. And, on top of that she has a business degree and has been somewhat of a world traveler--she's been everywhere, including 3 trips to India and getting ready to make the 4th trip soon. She is an extremely talented person all the way around and is truly beautiful inside and out, but she doesn't realize it. She doesn't see herself in that light. She doesn't think that she's anything special, but oh, is she so wrong. It had taken me about a year to conceive, and ah, was it happy news for us when I found out that she wasn't that "stomach virus" thing going around. No, SHE was on her way. The Lord had heard my pleas and had answered in a mighty wonderful way as He always does. Let me tell you that this expectant MOM was going to take care of her little bundle. I studied everything on nutrition, walked 3 miles a day, rode my bike and bowled for the first 5 & 1/2 months.  I read the Word of God out loud to her all during my pregnancy and in the hospital after her birth!  Plus, I had worked until the week of my due date and had taught my little kids' Sunday School class the Sunday before she made her grand entrance a few days later!  And nothing would do but for us to go through Lamaze classes--so here we go: 23hrs 37minutes worth of completely natural childbirth. My goal was for her to be as healthy as possible and for her brain to be raring to go. Believe me, she was raring--that baby never did act like a "newborn".  She had to be up seeing everything going on. She was a big MOMMY's girl. She said 'Momma' when she was only 3 months old. Boy, was I beaming!! She has always been My Girl! That grand baby is grand, that's why they call them so. And She is the apple of her Gan-Gan's eye. But HER Mommy IS the original apple of this Mom's eye. And you have got to hear her play that piano. Until We Meet Again...

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