Monday, July 12, 2010


That G-Baby of mine's birthday was last week and what a party she had.  Her Mom ~ my daughter ~ threw that Baby some more party.  It had a Carnival Theme.  My daughter is very gifted in the ART department, as well as in the decorating and party throwing department.  She decorated the entire yard like a Carnival, complete with face painting, a giant bouncy toy for the kids to get inside, toss the rings game, kissing booth and a clown photo booth. She had painted numerous Carnival signs and banners to be used that day.  The grown-ups  told her that it was the best party that they had been to and that she should "go in the business".  She had tables plied with all types of "Carnival Junk" to eat, including corn dogs, salt water taffy, animal crackers, boxes of  popcorn,  peanuts, individual bags of cotton candy and tables and tables of candy everywhere. There was lemonade, juice boxes, ice pops and bottles of water to quench the thirst that the hot day brought on.  Each child had a "goody bag" to take home. The kids also got to decorate a small gift bag to hold all their "loot" from playing games.   She baked cup cakes and decorated them with marsh mellows on top to resemble bags of popcorn.  It took a long, long time to hand cut ALL those tiny marsh mellows with X marks to look like popcorn. She pulled it off though.  What a Mom she is!  She set up for most of it as well, with a little help from her husband.  The tables that she borrowed, were much too heavy for her to pull up from a friend's basement, but, she did just that ~ by herself  ~ much to my chagrin.  After staying up till about 3am for two nights in a row, the party day finally arrived.  Up a ladder ~ up and down, I should say ~ about 100 times, so I was told, to make sure the banners were hung the way she wanted them to hang!  Then came 2:00pm ~ Party Time ~ was on.  She kept the kids organized with the games (with some help from some of her friends), kept the food supplied on the table, and made trips down to the basement to garner more water bottles for thirsty dry throats.  She made everything SO VERY SPECIAL for my precious G-BABY ~ a birthday party soon not to be forgotten, for sure.  G-Baby assured me that it was a WONDERFUL party and that she was very HAPPY.  She declared that she had the Best Mommy and that she had the best birthday party ~ Ever.  Yes, you do, G-BABY and yes, you did.  Your Mommy can throw some more party.   Happy Birthday, SWEET G-BABY of mine, Happy Birthday.  Until We Meet Again...

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