Monday, May 24, 2010

The Highest Calling

Someone on my friends' list asked if being a Mother was a profession or not.  She asked for people to post their ideas on the matter.  Of course, I posted my thoughts which reads as follows: 
It's not a profession, it's a "God-Calling" for a woman's life. He made us to be help-meets for our husbands and to be the bearer of children. We are wondrously made by the Heavenly Father to have that built-in "nurturing nature" to protect, love, teach and kiss all the little boo-boos as we rear our children for HIS sake.  No, not a profession, but a wonderful, bless-ed CALLING!!  I praise HIS name for allowing me to be the Mother of my beautiful daughter and Gan-Gan to my beautiful grand daughter.  I DO consider having been a wife and being a Mother and now a Gan-Gan,  the highest calling that I could have ever had.  I love my daughter and grand daughter and I thank the Lord that HE saw fit to CALL me to the task.  Those are my  thoughts on the matter ~ not a profession, but the utmost  calling for a woman.  "Her children rise up and call her blessed ."   Until We Meet Again...

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