Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Time

Well, time is certainly getting away from us all.  It is SO hard to comprehend that a school year has come and gone. But that is exactly what has happened.  We have those in the family and in our church family that have graduated from high school or college.  It is such a pleasure to see these young people go on with whatever the Lord has called them to do.  We have watched most of them as they have grown up right in front of our eyes.  It will be a continued blessing to watch them over their young adult lives as the Lord leads them in endeavors that glorify HIM.  There is also another graduation that is extremely important to our family.  G-BABY'S!!  Yes, the G-Baby has graduated from Pre-School.  WooHoo!  Of course, that just lets this Gan-Gan realize how old she is getting and how time IS flying!! :)  We are SO proud of our little Graduate!  She did so well and loved every moment of it.  We want to send out CONGRATULATIONS to all our graduates.  Especially YOU, G-Baby.  May the Lord watch over you and call you to do something extraordinary with your life.  May HE bless ALL of YOUR endeavors.  Until We Meet Again.

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