Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thou Art My Friend and Brother!

Who to turn to when discouraged, downhearted, and dismayed you ask?  None other than the Precious Lord Jesus.  He is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother and is always there for one to lean on if He is one's  personal Saviour.  When we are afraid of what the future might hold, remember WHO holds the future.  Ooo-h, I like that ~ I need to take a few moments to just ponder that very thought.  The ONE Who holds the future.  One only has to ponder on that thought for a few seconds to think of the absolute truth that statement holds for the Christian. The one that has put their complete trust in the Lord Jesus Christ can ponder on this truth.  If I am completely t-r-u-s-t-i-n-g  in the Lord, I have only to look to Him for all comfort.  He holds this very Universe in His hands and can speak the word for anything He wants to take place. He holds me in that very competent Hand and will not drop me or lay me down  and forget where He has placed me.  He keeps watch over me that closely.   He has placed me here to be His servant and to carry out the things that are His will for my life. He will equip me with His grace, love and wisdom to do the task He has asked me to do.   As I live this "Christian life" and try to walk in the Light of His Truth, I learn more everyday that I live, that He cares for me and loves me like no other.  I find myself looking Heavenly-ward more with each passing day. I am learning in the deepest sense that this is truly not my home, but that I am just a-passing thru!  That makes me homesick!!  Homesick for Heaven.  Hallelujah!  No troubles we face, be it national, international or be it personal, surprises or catches The LORD JESUS CHRIST off guard.  He is not surprised by any incident that takes place on the face of the globe.  And certainly not in my ~ His child's ~ life.  He knows the number of every hair on my head and knows when a little sparrow falls.  He certainly cares for and loves me, oh blessed thought.   O, my LORD and Saviour, with all my trust firmly secured in Thee, how can I stay discouraged, downhearted, and dismayed when Thou Art my Friend and  Brother!  Thank Thee, Lord Jesus, for "sticking to me".  Until We Meet Again...  

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