Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feeding the Chickens

Ah, the G-Baby is something.  I love that Baby.  She is the absolute Apple of this adoring Gan-Gan's eye,  as I have stated on many occasions.  Last week, her little Pre-School Class went on a field trip to a farm.  The children were all going to get to feed the animals.  On the night before, her parents were talking to her about the animals and such.  They were talking about how she was going to get to feed the chickens.  My daughter asked G-Baby, "Well, what do the chickens eat?"  G-Baby, looking up at the ceiling, deep in thought about the matter for a moment, said very earnestly and without hesitation, "BEEF"!  That's my Girl!!  Ganny loves that Baby.  She makes me and Chick~Fil~A so very proud.  You go, G-Baby, go feed those chickens!  Until We Meet Again...

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