Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Niagara Falls and the 1999 Snow Storm

They started predicting the big winter storm a couple of weeks ago here in the South!  I just didn't believe we would get what they were predicting for us.  We rarely do.  Now I'm not saying that we don't ever get that elusive storm once in a while, because we do.  So, everyone in the State runs out for that magic loaf of bread and jug of milk!?!  That must be a "Southern Thing"!  But now, seriously, I am ALWAYS skeptical whenever we have a huge storm warning after having spent a little bit of every December in Western New York for 10 or so years.  Now, there was some SNOW and WINTER WEATHER.  While some years have fled by since last visiting my "other" home, the memories of  the snow, cold and  terribly inclement weather there in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls Area are marked indelible in the files of my mind's eye.  The last visit ~ January,1999 ~
 was the most incredible ~ having traveled all the way up the road in treacherous conditions, we were privy to  numerous overturned vehicles, including an 18-wheeler laying on its side.  After traveling under such harrowing conditions for about 17+ hours, we were quite exhausted upon arriving at our destination that night.  We awoke to a full 5 feet of snow that had fallen while we slept.  We were snowed in for 3 days, having to walk everywhere that we desired to go ~ the car was buried underneath all that white stuff, stuck in the parking lot.  But, it was Niagara Falls, we did not mind.   But then, there were horrible things that happened that week.  A little girl froze to death just a few feet from her door; a barn collapsed ~ killing 8 horses; numerous roofs caved in, among many other terrible things.  At the time, I really loved the snow.  Not so much now.  Now, that I am older.  And that NY experience caused a mixture of feelings about the matter.   The tragedies helped to "cure" me of wanting to see more of it for any length of time.  Also, I think that the Lord gave me such an overwhelming amount because He knew that it would be my last visit for a while and He was giving me enough to "last me".  Yes, now IF  I feel the urge to see any snow, I just open up that file in my mind's eye and there it is ~ no worries about how I'd get some place or if the electricity would go off for a week and I would freeze to death!  I am a Southerner, what can I say?  But, on the slight chance we truly might be getting the "Big One" down here in the South, I was fully prepared.  Candles were in every candle holder in the house (forty something, to be exact), oil lamps were wicked, 2 different kinds of boxes of matches, plenty of ready to eat food, extra blankets, a beautiful basket of goodies and water bottles were in reach.  The electric blanket was warming the bed, just in case!  Coco had on one of her little "doggie" sweaters.  Also, all of my "NY snow clothes" were laid out for easy access.  Yes, I was prepared.  And to be on the safe side, I did have my loaf of bread and jug of milk.  Ah, magic!  Until We Meet Again...

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