Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quit Shaking, Trust HIM

Whatever I face, there is no fear when sheltered under the outstretched wings of the Saviour.  He covers me with  His feathers.  He will keep me with a miraculous safety.  Safe in Christ is were I stand. I am a child of the King. There is no need to shake in fear.  Though I suffer, He will keep His precious arms enclosed securely around me.  Though I am beset all around by the snares of the evil one, the Lord's watchful eye is there to give me deliverance.  Praise His precious Name.  Romans 8:28 ~ Things allowed are not intended for evil but for my good, according to this, my life's verse.  My God rules the Universe ~ He is in control of my life ~ conforming me to His perfect will with everything that has ever crossed my path.  Trust HIM, quit shaking ~ knowing you are being held in His loving Arms, safely under His wings and covered there by                                His feathers.  Until We Meet Again...                                                                                                                                              

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