Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blessed Friend

No one ever cared for me like the Precious Lord Jesus.  As Christians, we are the apples of His eye.  He is our Blessed Friend.   How much He cares for us!  How thankful this fragile speck of dust is that she is being cared for in the Palm of  His Strong and Powerful Hand.  There is nothing too small or too large for Him to handle for me in this ole troubled world.  He is Saviour and Heavenly Friend.  I want to praise Him forever and without end.  O, Blessed Father, Praise Thy Holy Name for Thou art Lord God Almighty.  Thee and Thee alone art God.  Let the trees, rocks, and mountains sing forth Thy praise.  Thou dost meet my ever need.  I love Jehovah Jireh.  He provides my every need just as He promises in Matthew 6.  No need to worry and fret over where clothes, food and shelter are coming from ~ His Word tells me from whence it comes. My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He even owns all the hills!!  He can and does provide all I need.  He lovingly provides a wondrous salvation for all that call on His Name.   O, Precious Lord Jesus, Blessed Friend, thank Thee for caring for me like no Other.  Until We Meet Again...

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I enjoyed looking over your blog.
You 're blog title is what caught my eye.
You are more than welcome to visit my mine.

God Bless You, Ron