Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Reunion ~ June 12, 2010

Family is wonderful.  I have proclaimed that very thing on my blog on more than one occasion.  We had a long overdue Reunion yesterday.  It had been a long day a coming.  I'm not even sure right now just HOW long it had been since everyone had gotten  together like that.  Now, we had a First
Cousins' Reunion back in December, but yesterday's Reunion included everybody.  If my counting skills are still intact, I do believe that we had 36 people in attendance.  One of the cousins had secured his church's fellowship hall for us ~ what a blessing, it was air-conditioned.  Another cousin had done most of the coordination of this family affair.  One cousin had come in from Kansas to be with us.  Yet another cousin provided the cutest reunion cake ever!  Speaking of cake, oh my goodness, let me just say that the food was wonderful.  The family had always been endowed with some fabulous cooks, even though most of the older ones have gone on.  But the legacy of good cooking lives on in the third and fourth generations. We had a wonderful time that gave our mental "memory book" a stock of new things to ponder. Another stitch to knit our hearts together as families should be knit together.  My almost 80 year old Dad was the only sibling attending.  There had been nine sisters and brothers.  One brother was not able to make it and the last living sister is in a nursing home.  But a good many of us first cousins, the second cousins and now the little 3rd cousins were there and having a grand time.  I just wish that my own daughter and the G-Baby could have been here.  So many would have loved to have seen her.   But we're planning on another one of these family gatherings soon ~ hopefully within months and not years as this one had been.   Another gathering, another stitch to knit us together.  Hopefully, one that won't be a long day a coming.  Until We Meet Again...

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