Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He Will Gather Us Up Soon!

Jesus Christ is sitting on His indestructable Throne in Heaven.  He will come soon to pluck up the believers.  The very next thing  for the Church, is for her to be raptured up or "gathered up"  to meet the Almighty Saviour in the sky.  Praise His Name, it cannot be long now.  We that know Him, need to always have one ear carefully tuned heaven-ward listening for the shout that only those of us that are His, will hear.  Yes, He is all-powerful and all-knowing and is the KING of KINGS. With the things that have taken place this week in the USA, I have felt an under girding sense of excitement about the imminent "gathering up" of we Christians by our Saviour.  Things are lining up and we need to be looking up.  Nothing can stop it from happening.  The USA may self destruct, but the Throne of the Heavenly King will stand Eternally and forever.  We had all better be in a position to hear that Shout and to be plucked up into the clouds to live in Heaven with Him forever.  May it be soon, very soon.  Until We Meet Again...

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